I have struggled with my weight since as far as I can remember. Growing up I was bullied , abused and discriminated against due to being over weight. After I came to Canada, the process of weight discrimination never stopped. I worked with Penningtons and have helped so many women with their wardrobe. All those years of my work with them I realized that this discrimination is all across the board. 

67% of women are size 14 and more.The fashion available to us is either too young or too old. There is a big dent in the fashion industry. After leaving Penningtons, I started making clothes for myself, like I did since I was age 10. Getting laid off my last job was the best thing ever happened to me.

I was looking for a job and hired myself to try and solve this problem. I want to change the way women with curves look at their bodies. I am designing a line for curvy women which will not only be trendy but will help them find themselves, which is somehow lost with the body shaming in the world today. I want women to decorate their curves, love their bodies and #empoweryourcurves

Now I design both custom wear and ready to wear pieces. Schedule an appointment and get fitted for the unique pieces that you always dream of but never found it in your size.