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Image Credit (above): Louise Robinson

Our Mission


I’m Rakhee Chopra and I want you to love your curves; I want you to fall in love with your body and feel confident in your own skin. Most of my life I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Like society, I focused on my physical flaws and flab. 

To help me recover from this feeling of self-loathing I started designing clothes over 30 years ago. I learned how colours and textures of fabric can be shaped to accentuate my shape. In creating lovely garments for myself, I began my journey toward self-love. Helping others along this path is my mission – to accelerate your journey to confidence and loving your curves, too. 

Wearing a great dress won’t cure years of being torn down by unrealistic expectations but wearing a fabulously cut outfit that makes you feel beautiful can start to rebuild your inner confidence. 

Join me on this journey of self-acceptance, self-love and take a step to being your most fabulous, most confident self.


S/S 2019